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How can my business save money by using the TCS Solution?

Unpredictable IT costs place a real burden on your business. The TCS Solution gives you predictable, monthly IT expenses by eliminating the costs of upgrades, monitoring, patching and operations of your infrastructure. This allows you to redirect IT resources, reduce unanticipated support costs and plan your expenses accurately. For a complete cost analysis, contact TCS Sales at 800-816-3960. You may be surprised at how much we can reduce your current IT spending.  

Why should my business choose the TCS Solution over hosting?

The greatest advantage TCS has over hosting is that if our network or your Internet Service Provider's network goes down, your systems are still operational. Because the servers reside at each company's premises, the only thing lost during an outage is monitoring and remote backups. TCS will be immediately notified of such an outage and will help restore the network. The TCS solution also includes many of the benefits of hosting, such as security and server monitoring, remote storage of data and fixed monthly fees but for significantly lower cost.  

What if my business already has an IT staff?

More than a third of all businesses using the TCS solution also employ a part-time or full-time IT staff. By eliminating the necessity to work on low-level, repetitive, non-strategic tasks, the TCS solution frees your staff to focus on long-term strategic technology objectives, such as:

- Intranet portal services for employees
- Extranet portal services for customers
- Line of business applications
- Employee technical training
- Database development and management
- Application performance reporting
- Management of digital dashboards
- Web site development and management
- Aligning IT goals with long-term vision of the management team
- Professional training and certifications

The TCS Solution provides a solid foundation for these initiatives and allows your company to maximize its IT investment.  

How does TCS handle backups?

Backups are continual and managed remotely. All data is remotely sent to the TCS data center. The initial monthly fee includes 25 GB of remote storage, and additional storage is available for an added fee. TCS can retrieve customer files from up to 30 days prior to the last backup and this window can be extended for an additional fee.  

What kind of hardware is included with the TCS solution?

TCS will work with you to choose hardware from any tier one vendor. We can assist in setting up lease programs to make your upfront costs minimal. TCS's only requirement is your equipment be under an approved maintenance agreement or have a qualified parts program. 

What kind of software is included with the TCS solution?

 TCS provides software from Microsoft and other major software vendors. TCS provides a very robust software and support platform for small businesses to grow on. The specific software will depend upon the requirements of the customer. TCS can offer very affordable software rental programs from Microsoft as well as the ability to setup lease programs for your software purchases. 

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