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Digital Document Management

Going Paperless can save your company between 50-60% of your current storage costs. Annually, the typical office spends an average of 461 hours managing papers and about 52 hours per year searching for lost documents. TCS services eliminate this wasted office time.

Many companies waste a lot of money paying for monthly offsite storage fees to store documents. TCS will scan those stored documents and eliminate this extra cost, while allowing instant access to those files without leaving your desk!

TCS service offers:

· Pickup/shipping of documents

· Preparation and Scanning of documents

· Indexing documents for easy retrieval

· Loading documents into your security-encrypted, customized online account where you can access them anywhere, anytime!

TCS scans all documents into our online data storage system rather than on a computer server. This allows clients access to their files from anywhere in the world! Send clients files from your blackberry even while on vacation!

Efficient. Effective. Easy.

Our paperless document management system allows you to store all your information in an electronic format.

With a well-structured indexing system, the data can be accessed from any computer terminal that has authorized access within a network. TCS document management system allows you immediate access to your information without the delays of retrieving paper documents. TCS system wallows a setup with multiple users, allowing staff access to documents they use daily.

Go Paperless. Go Green.

By storing documents online more paper will become recycled; this will significantly reduce the amount of trees cut down each year.

“If everyone in the U.S. recycled just 1/10th of the newsprint they use in a year, we would save the estimated equivalent of about 25 million trees a year.” *

Increased Security

Protect important documents from fire, natural disasters, mold, and several other possible disasters.  By scanning vital documents in our online system this eliminates the possibility of destroyed, lost or misplaced documents. TCS offers encrypted security for your documents backed up in triplicate around the world.

To learn how TCS Makes Organization Happen call our office at 612-481-3177  to schedule an appointment with one of our solution consultants.

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